The   Neumie   Awards.
                                      Rules Of Selection

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The first rule of selection:  There are few selection rules!

1) CDs must be completed albums as intended by the artist.  There are no homemade 'Best of' CDs allowed.
2) CDs can be from any year, and don't have to be from the current year.  
3) There are familiar and standard CDs that can be entered (like 'Abbey Road', etc). Even though I don't own them, these types of CDs are very familiar to me, so they may have little chance of winning the award.
4) There is only ONE AWARD given every year.  There are no genre categories, like the Grammys.
5) All entries are decided by me, although I am open to more judges in the future.
6) Entries are judged on merit, potential ability to stand the test of time, and quality.  
That's it!